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Narrative contributions.

Clinical Ethics 2012; 7: 7-9

A dual internal monologue between a man and a woman confronting a decision hinged on personal choice and agency.

The Helpless Attendant
Student BMJ 2007; 15: 84

A short story about exhausted options amongst persisting needs.

My Son
The Lancet 2007; 370: S45-50

A fictional telling of dual perspectives from motherhood, and the days leading up to childbirth.

Silently Lost In A Sea of Infections
London J Primary Care 2008; 1: 78-80

An anecdote to illustrate how systems that define our access to treatment limit what a physician can do.

Three Minutes
BMJ 2016; 352: i831

A short story about conversations with your doctor, as a doctor, and the impact of verbiage on medical news.

Fire and Strikes:
The Politics of Power
The Lancet Respiratory Medicine 2013; 1: 19-20

An anecdote about political, culinary, and environmental heat.

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